About Me

WELCOME! My name is Amy Monell, I am a Sound Healing Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher, and a Registered Nurse. 

After nearly losing my husband to a cancer diagnosis in 2018, I began the journey of discovering everything there was to learn about alternative medicine. It was important for me to determine which holistic healing modalities were available for not only the physical body- but also the mind and soul. During this lifetime, I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)- all of which were a result of not being tuned into my true essence. The healing methods I uncovered on my voyage have transformed my life in every aspect- from my relationships, mindset, physical body, and my connection to the Universe. Through yoga, sound therapy, meditation, journaling, plant medicine, aromatherapy, ancient Ayurvedic traditions, and other techniques, I have shifted the darkness and found my inner light. It has been my own life experiences that have taught me the most heartfelt lessons. Like to see the beauty in the world, the gift of loving myself unconditionally, the power of healing and releasing negative thought patterns, and how to truly manifest the radiant life I’ve always envisioned- one full of peace, joy, love, and abundance.

crystal singing bowls
crystal singing bowls
crystal singing bowls

As a natural-born empath, I knew from an early age I was meant to help heal this planet and the incarnated souls that roam it. My deepest desire is to assist others on their personal path towards the light by utilizing the healing modalities I’ve benefited from myself- SOUND being the most profound.  

It is my belief that sound truly goes where no other medicine can. Crystal singing bowls have a powerful restorative capability and have been used as a healing method since ancient times. By listening to the sounds created by the bowls and other instruments, participants can undergo an incredible transformation within the mind-body and soul, much like the one I experienced myself. 

I am confident that my background and life experiences have enabled me with the intuitive ability to help you expand the depths of your self-healing practice. My training includes Sound Healing Practitioner Certification through the Healing Sound Arts Program, Yoga teacher training (200hr YTT), and a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing (BSN-RN) degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville. 

I am so honored to be sharing the healing power of sound, vibration, and frequency with you!

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”   -Albert Einstein